Friday, 24 April 2015

The Force Awakens Odd Symbolism in Teaser Trailer#2

Hey folks. My apologies for the lack of articles recently. Although I feel myself starting to sound like a scratched record, my reasoning is simple lack of time! Although I pride myself on having very little adherence to the hands of the clock, I do feel like there really aren’t enough hours in the day at the moment. The “slavery to time” manufactured mechanism (of which I am well versed, believe it or not) has prompted several severe curses from me lately! I am actually in the process of putting some new blog material together, but I unfortunately have only had the odd hour here and there to make any headway. Please persevere with me – normal transmission will hopefully resume again soon!
I felt it necessary to post a couple of images that relate to the growing frenzy of interest in the forthcoming Star Wars film: Episode VII – The Force Awakens. As my regular readers will know, I have extensively researched Star Wars, George Lucas, J. J. Abrams and the output of Disney and discovered a mountain of esoteric strangeness and elite agenda connections. I hold firm to my belief that the new film (released this December 2015) will offer many glimpses into the dark side (no pun intended!) of Hollywood’s subversive and esoteric symbolism and themes. Perhaps far more than any previous offering from the “galaxy far, far away”…
Interestingly, the images below were highlighted by a friend of mine who is not an alternative knowledge researcher per se, but does have a keen eye for odd imagery. The two images are taken from the second teaser trailer for the film and my friend believes that that they (respectively) contain subliminal nods to 9/11 (combined with an existing masonic motif in the Star Wars films) and a number of subliminal recurrences of the word “sex”. It wouldn’t surprise me if the latter (as anybody who has looked into the darker nature of Disney will recognise) were accurate. I remain neutral as to the possible veracity of the former as the similarity is only vaguely comparable. Again though, it wouldn't surprise me. As I noted in a previous blog entry, the poster for Abrams' previous film Star Trek: Into Darkness indulged in similar symbolism - although, in that case, there was a direct narrative nod to 9/11. As of yet, I am unaware of such of a theme being included in the narrative of the forthcoming Star Wars film. Even without a narrative connection, the imagery can still exist - see: Super Mario Brothers, The Wiz, Trading Places, the season two finale of Third Rock from the Sun, the list goes on and on. These points of note are never the less interesting and tie into much of the research I have done over the last two years.
As always, I will leave you to draw your own conclusions.
Until next time!

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