Monday, 12 September 2016

9/11 Conference in Birmingham – Sat 17th Sept 2016

For those of you in the UK, a full-day 9/11 conference is being held in Birmingham this Saturday 17th September 2016. This conference will feature the evidence gathered by Dr Judy Wood and Andrew Johnson - with both giving detailed presentations at the conference (Dr Wood via videolink). Full details are below. I will also be at the conference all day (with copies of my new books!) in case any of you want to say hello! The evidence being shown at this conference is crucial to understanding the true nature of what really happened during the events of 9/11. Hope to see you there. Best wishes, Carl James.

9/11 Where Did The Towers Go?
Presented by Andrew Johnson & Dr Judy Wood

Birmingham Jury`s Inn
17th September 2016

1.30pm   Programme beginning
`Irrefutable` to music of Charlie Pound
1.45pm    Overview & Context Andrew Johnson
2.00pm    Where Did The Towers Go Part 1 Dr Judy Wood (by VideoLink)
3.00pm   Break
3.15pm   Where Did The Towers Go Part 2 Dr Judy Wood (by VideoLink)
4.15   Break
4.30pm   9/11 Finding The Truth Andrew Johnson
5.30pm   Q&A
5.45pm   Break for Food
6.15pm   Infinite Energy but Not For the Masses Andrew Johnson
7.15pm   Break
7.30pm   Flight 175 Video Analysis revised, made by Richard D. Hall (not appearing in person or Videolink)
8.00pm   Journalistic Integrity Dr Judy Wood (by VideoLink)
8.30pm   Q&A with Dr Judy Wood & Andrew Johnson
9.00pm   Close


Jurys Inn
245 Broad Street
B1 2HQ

Tel : 0121 606 9000 (UK)


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