Monday, 12 September 2016

Didcot Deception

Richard D. Hall has produced a new film investigating the death of Jed Allen. I intended to post the links on this blog a couple of weeks ago, however I have been incredibly busy of late and simply didn't get the opportunity. Better late than never! Richard's film and television shows are always worth taking the time to watch due to the efforts he makes to follow the trail of evidence wherever it goes and his meticulous dedication to uncovering the truth. The Didcot Deception is no exception. Please take the time to watch. Since airing the show, Richard has revealed new information pertaining to his investigation and filmed an update show - recently aired on his Richplanet TV show. I have included the links to the film and the update below.

Didcot Deception, Jed Allen : Not Guilty - PART 1 OF 3 -
Didcot Deception , Jed Allen : Not Guilty - PART 2 OF 3 -
Didcot Deception, Jed Allen : Not Guilty - PART 3 OF 3 -
Didcot Update - PART 1 OF 3 -

Richard's shows and films can be watched or purchased via the Richplanet website -

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