Wednesday, 3 August 2011

9/11 Blog Series - Introduction

   For the next six weeks, I am turning The Truth Seeker’s Guide over to the most controversial of all truth seeking subjects… 9/11.

   While it could be argued that subjects like the UFO / Extraterrestrial phenomenon are far more reaching in terms of their implications for humanity and it’s future (which it is!), it is 9/11 that serves as the doorway into a world of realisation that shows us that there are lies, of the highest order, being perpetuated all around us. If we are ever to create a conscious change and mass awareness of these acts of deceit and manipulation, there is no better nexus point at which to start.

   It is also probably the most important for two reasons. Firstly, that one single day has inflicted 10 years of pain, fear, intimidation, suppression and death. It has affected countless people of all nationalities, of all beliefs and cultures across the world, in a way that many don’t even realise. Secondly, it is one of the few cover-ups that we have a real chance of doing something about. Unlike many dark machinations, this one has a mountain of evidence that holds the key to full exposure of the lies involved. It may be that if we can unlock this door, people en masse may start to say: “What else have we been lied to about?”. It may also create a domino effect, a smashing of the house of cards.

   It could also be, for these reasons, that there are huge divisions in the truth community regarding the shape of the 9/11 lie. Evidence does indeed show proof positive of a cover-up, but which cover-up? This is the debate. Some researchers spit venom at others, for even entertaining certain notions. The idea of controlled demolition of WTC 1 & 2, a media manipulation theatre which doctored footage, the mere suggestion of planes or aircraft other than the 4 discussed in the official story, worse still: the notion of no planes or the use of exotic, energy weapons…

   A thread of truth runs through all these perspectives and yet the lines of division are now, more well drawn than ever. It does appear than certain individuals (who shall remain nameless) have questionable connections and involve themselves in certain truth seeking groups and organisations for the sole purpose of stirring dissent. I truly believe that the rest of us need to rise above such trivial pastimes. If we involve ourselves too deeply, we run the risk of being no better than the sceptics and debunkers. Divide and conquer is the oldest rule in the book. When you consider the huge injustices created by the event, such things are irrelevant in the bigger picture.

   Also, I’ve heard it said that, there really is nothing more to say about 9/11! Ten years on, we should let it go. Well that is just an excuse. And to put it bluntly… it’s a crock! In just over a month’s time, you don’t honestly think that the mainstream media is just going to ‘leave it alone now’?! They will milk it for all it’s worth, use it to discredit any research and progress made in waking people up and most of all, use the anniversary to reinforce the ‘official’ story and sway any that are maybe ‘on the fence’.

   We’ve seen it before with the BBC’s conspiracy file programs about 9/11 & 7/7. It is already common knowledge that at least 2 UK terrestrial outlets have commissioned several hours of programming for the anniversary. We also know that certain producers recently claimed their first catch of the season, by ‘converting’ a well known 9/11 activist to ‘the dark side’! This does the cause of truth no good whatsoever.

We need to start our own push back now.

   In no way do I wish to trivialise the memory of the victims of 9/11 and (as I have said in previous blogs) I want to make it clear that I find the very nature of terrorism and violent or fundamental extremism (of ANY kind) abhorrent. There is, however, the need for some basis questions to be answered regarding 9/11. I believe that we are still in need of a comprehensive and truly independent enquiry into the events (before, during and subsequently), although I doubt we will get one in the near future. Thus, it is down to us to ask those question. In this day and age, such questioning is more relevant than ever.

I will post the first blog shortly and I hope you will continue to read the series as we approach the anniversary.

All The Best,
The Truth Seeker’s Guide.


Eyewitness said...

I really appreciate your call for seeking the real truth behind these official stories.

I hope there will come a day when the truth will be self evident and Mr. Bush and his descendants will be brought to justice.

The Truth Seeker's Guide said...

Thanks for the comment. I hope so too!
All The Best.