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9/11 - Part 7: Let's Roll...

   Just after 10 am on 9/11, United Flight 93 (travelling 580 mph) was reported as flipping over and crashing straight down in a empty field in the rural town of Shanksville, PA, burrowing itself underground. The passengers reportedly tried to take over the plane from the alleged hijackers. “The fuselage burrowed straight into the earth so forcefully that one of the "black boxes" was recovered at a depth of 25 feet under the ground." (Washington Post - 05/12/02). "But although the government was authorized to shoot down the errant planes, Deputy Defence Secretary Paul Wolfowitz told the NewsHour he believes that crash came instead as a result of a passenger uprising… we were already tracking in on that plane that crashed in Pennsylvania. I think it was the heroism of the passengers on board that brought it down, but the Air Force was in a position to do so if we had had to." (PBS - 9/16/01)

   This remark: “The Air Force was in a position to do so”, is the central notion of the real investigation into the ‘crash’ of United Flight 93. In the minutes leading to this event, UK ITV news showed live footage of an F-16 fighter jet in the area; thus proving that the military did indeed have the means to shoot down a passenger jet. Kevin Dunn (ITV foreign correspondent) was interviewed by news reader Kirsty Young. She asked, “Would it be possible for an American Military plane such as this, to have any impact on the destination or, indeed, the course of a plane?” and he replied, “Well the warplane could obviously challenge by radio, whoever is in control of an aircraft and ultimately threaten and indeed shoot them down.”

   The lack of bodies and debris has been pointed to, in the truth community, as the absence of Flight 93. I actually believe that was a plane smashed across the landscape of Shanksville and the surrounding area. Whether it was Flight 93 or not is a pertinent question. How it was ’downed’ is probably the more important question to ask though. Many have pointed to sink holes and mine shafts as the resting place for much of the larger debris (the area of land had been previously strip-mined for coal) and a nearby lake for much of the rest. Whilst I can’t argue with this, I also know there is a huge number of accounts of a military craft pursuing and even shooting down the ‘high jacked’ plane. If this scenario were true, it would almost certainly account for the debris pattern and lack thereof.

   Much of what follows here has been debated and questioned for validity. Whilst it is difficult to positively confirm the 100 percent accuracy of the following claims, they do raise questions. I would like to present them, merely, as a possibility…

   At 9:58, a Flight 93 passenger allegedly made a cell phone call and said that he saw an explosion and smoke and that the plane was "going down."

   The Tactical Air Communications Unit at the National Security Operations Centre (NSOC) at NSA was broadcasting live the cockpit communications between two U.S. Air Force F-16s over Somerset County, Pennsylvania. One F-16 pilot said "we are now engaging the target."
the NSA CRITICOM messaging system contained a flash message called a "CRITIC" that stated a commercial aircraft was "intercepted" over Pennsylvania. The latitude and longitude of the interception was provided along with the time of the interception. There were many ‘live’ training exercises on 9/11. Could it be that one of these exercises was mistaken for this occurrence?

   It is alleged that an encrypted special communications network that linked Air Force Chief of Staff General John Jumper to the Vice President and National Security Council, and a few other intelligence officials contained a message on the morning of September 11 that confirmed the U.S. Air Force shot down United flight 93. The message stated that a U.S. Air Force fighter jet shot the engine on flight 93 with a heat-seeking missile "over Pennsylvania". 

   A 911 emergency call to the Somerset Hospital Critical Care unit stated that the hospital should prepare for mass casualties since "two planes collided over Pennsylvania."

   Several first response workers at the ‘official’ Stony Creek crash site described a crater that closely matched a Global Hawk unmanned drone, a story corroborated by an eyewitness at a nearby junk yard who witnessed a similar vehicle “colliding” with ‘Flight 93’. Another witness observed a small white aircraft pass over Ginger Hill Road and clear some trees before exploding in a small mushroom cloud on the other side of the tree line. The fallout from the explosion was described by the witness as "glittery".

   At the Huckleberry Highway residential debris field, witnesses described the debris as little more than paper. More oddly being insurance papers, bank statements, and stock and bond certificates. The New Baltimore debris field (10 miles away) also reportedly consisted of singed bonds and insurance and bank papers.

   One of the few impact witnesses described it as "not a plane" with no engine, pure white, tubular, with no markings or windows, soundless, and with the appearance of a moulded piece of plastic. The aircraft banked to the right before ascending over a tree line before crashing. Under the aircraft and mid-belly could be seen what the witness described as a "fin and spoiler". After the crash, the witness noticed two fighter jets in the area that circled and departed rapidly from the scene.

   A phone call to a witness from a relative in Lancaster, Pennsylvania said that a friend in the Air Force said that the service had "shot down a plane in Pennsylvania."

   Several farmers who were working in their fields that morning saw U.S. Air Force fighter planes shoot down United 93 and were (allegedly) subsequently threatened by FBI agents. One witness had a security gag order placed on him by the FBI. Eventually, a number of farmer witnesses changed their stories to coincide with the official story.

   There are allegations that several local witnesses were harassed and intimidated in a threatening manner, by non-local law enforcement and FBI agents. One was claimed to have said to the eyewitness, “Do not lose faith in your government. We are handling it".

John, Tessa and Brian (three students who were at Shanksville High School at the time), witnessed a “big fighter plane” fly over the school “like 10 seconds” after the ‘crash’. Brian and John both believe that the jet shot down ‘Flight 93’.

Shanksville, PA, is a military flight corridor.

Mayor Ernie Stull, on arriving at the crash site, said he saw no evidence of a plane crash.

The "Flight 93" crash site remained fenced in and restricted, to the public.

 In August 2003, Fox news reported that US investigators now believe that the ‘high-jackers’ crashed the plane BECAUSE of the passengers starting to revolt.

Norman Mineta (see: Pentagon) said he wasn't aware of Flight 93 until after it crashed and thought “it was shot down“.

On Dec 24, 2004, Defence Secretary Donald Rumsfeld gives a speech about 9/11 using the phrase: “shot down the plane over Pennsylvania” .


On September 11, 2001, President George W. Bush was overheard stating: "We shot a plane down over Pennsylvania".

So there we have it.

Never let yourself be TOLD what happened…9/11 is for YOU to decide.

I will be doing one more evidence based overview post (covering some as yet undiscussed aspects) to begin September and will then begin my 9/11 Legacy Blog Series.

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