Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Max Keiser Predicts False Flag Event

   Whilst recently on the subject of 9/11 and false flag events, an item on RT’s The Keiser Report caught my attention this week. Max Keiser has predicted the possibility of a false flag attack in the next 90 days. The reason: impending Pentagon budgetary cuts. He referred to an article in the Financial Times that suggested the real possibility of the cuts following the deficit reduction deal agreed by congress.

   “The defence budget will sustain at least $350bn in cuts over the next 10 years as part of the initial deal. But if a bipartisan “super committee” cannot agree on $1,500bn in spending cuts before November, the Pentagon faces another $500bn automatic reduction to its budget.”

   As Keiser points out, the US needs it’s military at full capacity. It is an integral part of the financial and global power machinery that drives America. If you can’t prevent the cuts, you need to then justify the existing (or more) budget. For that, the military has to be ‘necessary’. A war or ‘event’ justifies such a necessity.

   Keiser is a top economic analyst who has been repeatedly on the nose, with regard to economically connected global affairs. Whilst I tend to agree with him, I believe there is currently a much larger picture developing in relation to the idea of false flag usage. Much of this is based on observation of current events.

   The last 8 days has seen a meltdown in global financial affairs. The media is downplaying the gravity of events, yet with the US triple-A downgrading, the threat of a Euro monetary collapse, new European countries dragging their feet in adopting the Euro, Greece’s rapid privatisation of selling off of national assets and the coincidental prop-up of Spanish & Italian debt… the picture speaks for itself. People are getting wiser and they are starting to see the reality unfolding around them.

   Maybe this is the case for the current unrest in the UK. Who knows what is currently going on. Whilst I recognise that some individuals love to take advantage of such situations and engage in ‘Droog’ mentality in an unforgivable and disgusting manner, I can’t help shake the feeling that we’re not getting the whole story. This is hardly surprising if you truly understand the nature of news propaganda in the mainstream media, yet some people still fall for it. The information about the shooting that apparently started the rioting, is sketchy at best. I have heard rumours about peaceful protesting in the early stages, but finding solid information about this is even harder.

   Now we have talk of the scale of deterent needed to quell the violence. The violence needs to be stopped. I understand this, but when high up political figures and news reporters are talking about the use of the Army on the streets of our cities, we are getting into very dangerous territory. This is a story we need to watch very carefully and be vigilant. We (those who recognise the real nature of global events) need to be ready to sound the alarm if it appears that such events are being used to further erode our rights and freedoms.

Protecting innocent people and property is fair and good, but we don’t need to lose anymore of our civil liberties.
They’ve already taken more than enough!

See you in part three of my 9/11 series.


DarkStar888 said...

Hi Truth Seeker.

My first time to your blog. Keep up the good work. The "sheeple" need to wake-up. There are way too many still asleep. The following comments, if you don't mind, will reflect some of the subliminals in play with events of 9/11. I have posted several times on this topic on my blogs. Sorry to say, but I think any idiot should be able to see the truth about what our "Governments" (all) do to us. Why they can't see it...their all in a TRANCE, litterally.

Here is a sample. I have many but we will start with some older information.

Remember When …
Remember the Good Ol’ Days, when life was simpler, & all that really concerned us was TERRORISM! TERRORISM! TERRORISM! Every news article was focused on that one simple, fabricated little notion, of TERROR, TERROR, TERROR … nothing complicated about the message, even though it was a lie. With all the Koffee Kup chatter (Koffee Kup Katter – KKK), about TERRORISM, & drawing pictures of the TERRORIST ACT Right On The 2001 USA Currency, it was a forgone conclusion that the nasty little TERRORIST ATTACK on the World Trade Center would occur on 11/09/2001. Subliminal hypnotic programming works that way. Its not a science, not an illusory concept, subliminal hypnotic suggestion is how reality is conjured up.

But NOW …
All hell has broke loose! Now its TERRORISM combined with … WASH! WASH! WASH! – WASH! WASH!! WASH!- WASH! WASH! WASH! … and WHY?

All brought to us by the same liberty minded, health conscious folks running the world, who implanted the subliminals that led up to the World Trade Center attack of 2001. The same folks who devised the ever limiting national security laws for our ‘protection’. These are the same folks who, on September 8, 2009 have the High Priest of the United States, Barack OBAMA, give a speech to school children, stressing the importance of how life in this 3D illusory dream world can be improved. Of course, there’ll be mention of the coming fabricated pandemic, H1N1, or in straight talk, EYE ONE = I WON, referring to the New World Order and the implimentation of their Holy Kingdom of God on Earth. H1N1 is commonly referred to as the SWINE FLU, the non-kosher, dirty little swine of a thing, that must be cleansed from the earth. In other words, the swine of the earth, the infidels, must be cleansed from the face of the earth, in one way or another. How very subliminal of them…

September 10 – 2009 – 09/11/09 – On the eve of the 8th Anniversary of the World Trade Center attack, and Barack Obama gave another speech to a joint session of Congress. Though this speech was given on the Eve of 911, Washington DC time, it was actually given on 9/11, in respect to the Time Zone changes originating from the International Dateline. During that speech, (and the highlight of the speech itself), Republican Congressman Wilson shouted out ‘YOU LIE’, to which Barack Obama responded ‘IT’S NOT TRUE’. For those who might have missed the suggestion here, what was really said was:

"YOU ELI, or, You The Saviour Elijah, to which Obama replied, ITS NUT TOO."

Keep in mind, that this is part of the illusory world we’re experiencing. None of the actors in this illusion have even a hint of the part they play in perpetuating this lunacy within the Thought Process. Its basically the drunk leading the blind.

NUT, the Egyptian Sky Goddess, represented by the stars of the universe, (the inspiration for the Star Spangled Banner), married the God called GeB, and the offspring was the most famous of all Egytian deities, ISIS. One symbol of Nut was a LADDER by which Osiris could enter her heavenly skies. Another is that of a COW suckling many piglets (SWINE). The name NUT, literally means NIGHT, and is the source for the NIGHT JOURNEY event by Muhammad on his MAGIC HORSE by the name of al-BURAQ (al-Buraq = Barack).


DarkStar888 said...

As with the Great Sphinx sitting to the east of the Pyramids of Giza, and is referred to as the Lion King (which has been shown to be symbolized in America by Abraham Lincoln), so too, is Barack Obama (who closely identifies himself with Abraham Lincoln), a Lion King. Barack Obama’s roots are in KENYA. Using the G and J rule of substituting a Y,, applying this rule in reverse, the name KENYA becomes KENGA. As well, all vowels can be used to substitute any other vowel, as they are all formed in the same fashion. Therefore Barack Obama is the Lion King with a slight twist as witnessed by his speech to the Congress, and the subliminal delivered by Joe Wilson of South Carolina.


What the speech symbolically initiated, was the next stage of the next and last 911 Attack. The speech centred on the notion of HEALTH CARE REFORM and INSURANCE COVERAGE for ALL. This coupled with all the hysteria surrounding the SWINE FLU, where everyone is left with the suggestion of getting SICK. The resulting suggestion is revealed in deciphering the language used.

HEALTH = HELL or EL, or ELI, – TH, THEO, or God.

INSURANCE = INSURGENTS as in the ISLAMIC TALIBAN INSURGENTS of AFGHANISTAN and the SURGE to counter the TERRORISM in IRAQ, or I ROCK. The War on Terrorism is simply a front coverstory to endlessly implant the INSURANCE message, which in turn is the SURGE message, or SURF and WATER SURGING message that needs to be implanted to establish our illusory reality.

COVERAGE = simply what it says TO COVER.
The Olympics in VANCOUVER in 2010 = will initiate in symbolic fashion, that VAN or sacrificial, or NAV, Intersecting Sex ritual Birth COVERAGE.
SURGE = SURYE = SURREY, an old English name and burrough, and now, a major city in Greater Vancouver.

SWINE = Sacrifice ISIS WINE, or the sweetest wine of all, ICE WINE.
FLU = FLEW, when pigs fly = PIGS or PIE or PI, the sacrificial All Seeing EYE.

The whole lunatic thing can now be summed up with the phrase:


For this reason the number 666 has been suggested all through the luciferian agenda, since its inception in the cradle of civilization, and used by Secret Societies throughout the world, to establish, on behalf of the luciferian Thought Process entities, the notion of an Antichrist, a Beast, and a Monster Devil. For this reason also, the Washington Monument is 666 feet in total. The World Trade Center was built in exactly 6.66 years, and the endless amount of 666 symbolism abounds throughout the 3D experience. All with the intent of implanting SICK SICK SICK into our minds, so that through disease and suffering, the THINKERS might gain control of our focus, and thereby, the power of the eternal Paradise State. By conjuring up an illusory world, to attempt to distract and confuse the perfection of Paradise, the corruption of the Thought Process unabashedly steals from the purity of the wisdom realm.

From this, one should now recognize that SICKNESS is an illusion. SIX SIX SIX has just been a subliminal implant, suggested ad infinitum, to establish our reality, whereby, through the fear of SICKNESS, or SIXNESS, and death, we surrender the power of our eternal state. There is no such thing as SICKNESS, simply a suggestion that such a thing exists. For this reason, the PLACEBO AFFECT, or a SUGAR PILL, is able to implant, within someone who believes they’re suffering from a disease, to overcome the illusory disease with a new suggestion, simply by taking a PLACEBO. The PLACEBO AFFECT in reverse, by suggesting a disease such as the SWINE FLU, and then offering a cure, but with subliminal warnings of further disease and death, brings about just that reality.

I'll be back again soon. Take care. DS888

The Truth Seeker's Guide said...

Thanks for the comments!! Certainly food for thought.

Whilst I tend to avoid the discussion surrounding the spiritual/religious implications of the forces that drive the agenda (simply because of my own cynical, pragmatic, non-denominational view of the world!), I certainly understand where people are coming from in discussing the matter, mainly because there is evidence to suggest that certain players in the agenda incorporate elements of a dark belief system into their practices.

The subject of numerology is fascinating because, again, there does appear to be a correlation to aspects of the agenda. I've always said that the presence of these numerological oddities, can't all be coincidence!

Thanks for reading.
All The Best!
The Truth Seeker's Guide