Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Weather Modification in the UK?

Periodically, I have written about the existence of weather medication methods and technology on this blog. We have had a truly bizarre winter of weather, here in the UK, this year. For the last several months it has simply rained and rained, pretty much day after day. Streets of houses (in various locations around the country) have been engulfed in several feet of water – either caused by excessive rain fall, rivers bursting their banks, or huge coast tidal surges.Whilst this has been going on, the powers that be have done next to nothing to address the problem. Weeks have gone by and nobody has really heard a peep out of the politicians.

I had an interesting conversation with a friend (a few days ago) where he said that it seems odd that the last several UK winters delivered a huge dollop of snow. Inevitably, that weather brought the country to a seemingly screeching halt – curiously, other countries don’t appear to have the same problems when it snows! My friend wondered if the huge amount of rain this year had been “arranged” by the powers that be to stave off another such Arctic-style winter.

Cloud seeding to create rain has long been practiced in the UK (as well as the rest of the world) and there have been times when this “weather tampering” has had adverse effects. You only need examine “Operation Cumulus” and the flooding of Lynmouth, Devon in 1952 for evidence of this.

Yesterday, after weeks of p***ing about and doing nothing, the politicians finally decided to get off the backsides and launch a P.R. stint – so as to appear to be doing something about the problem. This was probably prompted by three dozen severe flood warnings given by the environment agency – that and, perhaps, the flooding of several Greater London / River Thames regions known to be preferred residence of certain elite figures.

Perhaps by sheer coincidence, I looked out of my window today to see a blizzard of snow falling from the sky – the first snow, I might add, that the bulk of the country has had since early 2013. As per usual, the talking heads appearing on the mainstream news have done nothing but spout on about “climate change”. One chap was corrected when he used the term “global warming”. The latter term was re-branded several years ago by agenda-driven purveyors of propaganda to fit (pardon the pun) the changing climate. “Global Warming” implies warmer winters and wetter summers, something which has been contradicted over the last couple of years. The so-called “experts” would dismiss this phenomenon as a “blip”. However, “climate change” seems to a more fitting piece of jargon. The label suits the circumstances – particularly if you get up one day and decide to wear your shorts to take the dog for a walk, and the next you are wearing a hat and scarf, and freezing your buster-browns off!

I don’t know what to make of this sudden change in the weather. Perhaps it is nothing more than a coincidence – albeit it a big one – and my suspicion (that this sudden weather shift is possibly by design) is based on nothing more than looking out the window! However, given what I know about the global agenda players and their propensity for playing with nature, I suppose anything is possible.

Below is a video, I posted on YouTube a while ago, which highlights a few points about weather modification. The song is my own version of a Kate Bush song, recorded and performed by yours truly.

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captron52 said...

hi Carl The weather here in the U.S. has been crazy all winter. The southern states are still getting snow as is the eastern seaboard. Snowstorm after snowstorms keeping raging away. Here in Kentucky where the average temps for this time of year is in the forties but it as freezing cold most all of
January and the entire month of February. Low last night was 7 degrees high today of 20. Global warming? I kind of doubt that! Hope you are staying warm and dry!

bluefeather6 said...