Saturday, 30 August 2014

Andrew Johnson @ Awakened State, Edinburgh 11/05/2013

Infinite free energy (but not for the masses)
Could free energy technologies be used to meet human energy needs?
Andrew Johnson looks at the evidence for the cover up of free energy technologies including Radiant Energy, Cold Fusion and Magnetic Motors. If there is a viable alternative to burning fossil fuels or using standard nuclear power, the implications for the world; economically, socially, politically and environmentally, are staggering.

Filmed on Sat 11th May 2013 at Teviot, Edinburgh

Anchor: Richard Ritchie
Filmed by: Julian Stern and Ricardo Ecabello
Post Production by: Iain Fugue


captron52 said...

I've said for a long time now that there are many ways to improve our everyday life if only the politics of the world would stay out of our way. Too much money involved to ever see that happen tho! Hope you are enjoying a terrific weekend!

Christopher Dos Santos said...

Namastre brother; thank you for sharing this link, I love this topic. There are many ironies in our world, the fact we live within an endless field of untapped energy and fail to act on this indisputable fact is certainly one of the weirder ones. It is like a man sitting by a sparkling stream slowly dying of thirst.

In Lak' ech, brother Carl, prosper with knowledge... live with love...

The Truth Seeker's Guide said...

Cheers Ron. I have many theories as to why these sources of energy are not freely available for the masses. Politics and money clearly do play a part in it though.
Peace to you and yours!

The Truth Seeker's Guide said...

Cheers Chris. I don't think it is mere coincidence that the key to understanding our true nature is about energy. That part of it we are most certainly not meant to understand or have access to. The powers that be fear that more than anything.
Love the analogy of the sparkling stream!!
All the best my friend.