Monday 16 July 2012

London 2012 Blog Series - Introduction

 On July 27th 2012, The Olympic Games will begin in London. Since the announcement that the sporting event would be held in the UK, most people in the alternative community have studied the various facets surrounding the games and speculated about what might be in store for us. There are very good reasons for all of this attention. High levels of strangeness, hidden information and “coincidences” surround all things related to the 2012 Games. Everybody has their own take on what all this means… including myself.

 For a while, I have been compiling information on the subject and (with the event imminent) have attempted to try and order/group some of the varied material here. The information is far from exhaustive and will no doubt continue to develop until The Games come to a close. It should be noted that this information has (in most cases) been ‘out there’ for quite a while – so I obviously don’t (and wouldn’t wish to) take any credit whatsoever for it! It is the research of some very eagle-eyed people who have tirelessly researched the subject, whom I believe we are all indebted to… especially if anything untoward should come to pass.

 The information suggests that “something” could quite possibly occur during The Games. The conclusions range from the possibility of a “new 9/11” or similar false flag terrorist event, a trigger event for more severe erosions of our rights and civil liberties, a huge viral pandemic, some kind of mass social engineering/mind control operation or psyop (perhaps along the lines of Project Bluebeam), a huge occult ritual that will literally “possess” the people, the coming of a godlike figure, or even some level of extra-terrestrial disclosure… possibly catalysed by an alien landing or attack. In contrast to these doom-laden scenarios, some have even speculated that London 2012 will herald some level of heightened / awakened consciousness – that all the symbolism and design has been geared toward a positive outcome for humanity. I’m not a pessimist by nature but, given the track record of those who try to control the game, I find this latter facet unlikely.

 In reality, it is next to impossible to predict which (or if any) of these will occur until The Games take place. One scenario may be a possible exception (the one I consider most likely, should one take place), given that it has already happened… albeit as a dress rehearsal. However I will address this aspect in the final part of this blog series.

 The subject has been covered extensively by many who are far more adept in this particular area than I am. You may wonder why I haven’t just posted a ton of links to the relevant information or simply left it to others. However, I started this website as a means to de-clutter some of the subjects I have covered in the past. I know many people who are only just dipping their toes in the alternative world, who find the unfathomable references and contradictory viewpoints of “truth” simply overwhelming… enough to sometimes frighten them away from the information. I hope that the collected research here will help to present a straight-forward analysis.

For those who do “know their stuff”, my hope is that you may also find something useful.

Down the rabbit hole then…

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captron52 said...

hey Carl I sure hope the games go off without any incidents happening.Its a sad state of affairs for all of society wehn one cannot do something as great axs have international contests without the fear of some group or mis led individual attempting to blow up or otherwise trying to hurt any innocent people.When we all learn that peace is the only answer?I can only dream of that day. Thaks for al your hard work my friend. You are surely a bright light in this often times dark world.

The Truth Seeker's Guide said...

Thanks for all your support Cap.
I really appreciate it.
All the best.
Carl (The 'Guide)