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London 2012 - Part 4: "Shadows and Symbols"

 There’s no escaping the fact that the entire concept of “The Olympics” is one of ritual and symbolism. The Games themselves were realised as a result of mass worship of deified figures – most notably (but not exclusively), in this case, the gods of Mount Olympus. For many they were a ceremony of sacrifice and ritual. Given what we know of the ruling elite’s preoccupation with belief systems and the potential power of the inherent symbolism, it’s hardly surprising that the return of The Games (at the tail end of the nineteenth century) was steered by those occupying the upper echelons of power and influence - individuals with freemasonic and ritualistic associations.

 We still see these connections today, in the form of the torch lighting ceremony (the 2012 torch itself is a three sided design made to represent a "trinity" of olympic ideals), the presentation of the three precious metal-based, medals, and numerous other aspects. Many have highlighted the symbolic nature of the London Olympic site, the surrounding road names (such as Temple Mill Lane, Great Eastern Road, Church Road, Carpenter Road, etc.), the 13 pyramid shaped flood light (capped with 9 rows of bulbs), and checkerboard (black and white) seating. However these merely scratch the surface of the evidence.

Astana Pyramid
 The stadium itself was one of several designs and locations considered. One of the hot favourites, for a while, was Norman Foster’s 2007 Wembley Stadium. Foster has had some interesting design associations during his career, including the Astana “Pyramid of Peace and Reconciliation” in Kazakhstan. The inclusion of Anish Kapur’s “ArcelorMittal Orbit” Tower (which sits aside the London Olympic Stadium) has created much speculation. The spiral design has been compared to a human DNA helix and the like. Kapur’s designs are always a little odd. He has used the medium of glass and mirrors on many occasions and his reflective hourglass design - “Turning the World Upside Down” (Israel Museum, 2010), is amongst his most eyebrow raising. It has been claimed that Kapur’s inspiration for the Orbital Tower was The Tower of Babel… an interesting choice if true.

 There are slightly more subtle possibilities surrounding the stadium though. The more eagle-eyed folk out there have noticed an unusual anomaly within the grounds. To one side is a footpath area which some have claimed is similar to the Egyptian “eye of Horus” motif. I suppose if you squint a bit, then there is a resemblance. In 2007, Lord Mayor of London (John Stuttard) unveiled a sculpture named the "Spirit of Zion" statue for 2012 Olympics - 9 metre tall spider which is one of 6 such sculptures by artist Louise Bourgeois. We also had the “Giant Toadstools” which many alternative researchers have connected with the idea of the underworld, which also ties into the Egyptian/Horus mythology. The “underworld” aspects are an area of study that I will address in due course. Of course, London is full of esoteric landmarks such as the eye at Canary Wharf (and the building itself) and, most recently, The Shard – opened just in time for The Games.

 The stadium location has also uncovered a wealth of factors that may tie into a larger symbolic tapestry. Earlier this year, Samuel William posted a YouTube video as part of his “Truth You Can Wake Up To” series. I must stress here that there are several aspects of his research that I absolutely don’t align myself with (especially his 9/11 – Thermite perspectives), however this one was quite revealing.

 He discussed the placement (in Trafalgar Square) of a 30 foot diameter replica of the sun, placed there for one day only - 23rd January 2012. He took the diameter of this replica and scaled down the entire solar system to match the sun to the size of it. The equivalent Earth orbit was 0.6 miles. William took this distance out from the replica of the sun on a bearding of 33 degrees – freemasonic significance, obviously. The point at which the earth would be was actually the Grand Lodge Masonic Hall on Great Queen Street (specifically the apex of the set square shape that forms the corner of the building - the building is shaped like a compass and set square). He also took the bearing of 66 degrees and plotted the relative position of Saturn on this scale. What did it match up with?  The location of the Olympic Stadium site! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OnlVbwwMpOY&feature=plcp

 Saturn was once worshipped as a god because it was believed to be a star rather than a planet. The Saturn aspect is interesting because of the association with the concept of “Time”. It is an area of esoteric research that I wish I understood much more, but I take an interest in never the less!  The “Saturn cult” (sometimes called “The Satan Cult”) is only a stone’s throw away from the association with measurement and manipulation of “time”. There are peculiar “Black Cubes” and monoliths which have popped up around the world and can often be traced to the “Saturn” concept.  Many have looked into this symbolism and how prevalent it appears to be in our culture… especially “pop culture”.

 In researching a little more of the subject, I found apparent examples in films such as Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey, but the most interesting takes me back to a bizarre story from my childhood. I remember being very ill (probably the worst I had been in my pre-teen years) in 1987 – I was twelve in case you want to work out my age! I was apparently suffering from food poisoning. Although I don’t have a very good recollection of anything that occurred for a day or so, I do remember watching a French animated sci-fi film called “Les Maîtres du Temps” (Masters of Time) by Rene Laloux. For years, I didn’t actually realised it was a film (because I genuinely believed it was a product of my delirious physical and mental state – as a result of the food poisoning!) and was shocked when I found it on the web years later! http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL21E9B3609C139000&feature=plcp

 The story is bizarre, full of weird imagery and concepts. In my mind I had an image from the end of film (delirious dream state!) of a black cube encircled by glowing (Saturn-like) rings. It is strange how wrong I had actually got this final image when watching the film more recently. The film ends with a sphere encased by a glowing cube. What did I tap into when I was Ill?!! In any case, Rene Laloux courted the esoteric for much of his life. He worked in advertising and even had a job in a psychiatric institution where he began experimenting in animation with the interns! I’ve clearly let this memory divert me momentarily, so it is perhaps best that I get back on track…

 The point I’m highlighting is the inclusion of the “time” concept in the film. London is often referred to in esoteric circles as “The Temple of Time”, probably because of the intricate association with GMT and the measuring system for the world’s financial clocks. I have often wondered about the alternate symbolism of the Olympic Logos in relation to the “Saturn” concept. The rings may be akin to clock faces (an hour is separated into four segments – quarter past, half past, etc.) and I have recently pondered the significance of the four coloured rings (and one black). Some researchers say that the four colours are aspects of nature, others the points of a compass.

 Whatever they mean, they are almost certainly points of reference – in much the same way that “measuring time” is. It is curious that the “black” ring is the only ring, in the logo, than intersects more than one other - past and future, maybe? The four rings almost “revolve” around the central black ring. The “Zion” logo also does the same, with four numbers/letters rotating around a small square (cube). Is this telling us something about the belief systems of those that control the Olympic Games? Is it possible that the Olympics represent the transitions (passages) through time, perhaps from one age to another…? Or even the marking of time? Temporal transitions are always marked by ritual ceremony – birthdays, the “new year”, religious holidays, etc.

 We are possibly seeing more clues in the abundance of time “related” objects in London for The Games. The Olympic Clock infamously stopped on “the Ides of March” (315) and the inclusion of the world’s largest “harmonically tuned” bell during the games is particularly noteworthy. For starters, the organisers want to get everybody ringing bells “as loudly and quickly” as possible on the day of the opening ceremony – “marking time” as it were. The “conjured” piece of music created by the bells will be called “Work No. 1197” (more significant number arrangements) and will last for three minutes. Danny Boyle has called it “a wonderful way to wake up the nation” … I bet he does!

Black Magick Occultist Aleister Crowley
 The Bell, weighing 23-tonnes (originally going to be 27…), just happens to be inscribed with a line from Shakespeare’s The Tempest: “Be not afeard, the isle is full of noises“. “Tempest” is also associated with “Tempus” as in “Time”. It should be remembered that bells are often rung as part of witchcraft incantations and occult magick rituals. Such rituals usually involve ringing the bell 9 times. Aleister Crowley once proclaimed that the bell was a “weapon” of occult magick. The motto for the bell ringing Olympic ritual is "Any bell, Anyone, Anywhere" (3 aspects). I should also mention that there are some fascinating ideas being discussed about The Bell on the net. One of note is the connection to the old rhyme “Oranges and Lemons”, but I will leave you to research that one yourself!

 Before I move on, I just want to quote researcher Ellis C Taylor: “Olympic Games are a mass rites to a solar deity. Beginning with their lavish opening ceremonies, they are conducted with precise timing. Time is at the essence of every one of them... Keeping to precise numerological schedules and patterns ensures that those that order them make the very most of natural harmonics elevating the chance of their success in their ambitions and gaining grand favour from the solar despot they worship.” http://www.ellisctaylor.com/

 The most relevant thing to remember here is that “time” is nothing more than an illusion. It imprisons and sacrifices us simultaneously. To coin a phrase: “Time is the fire in which we burn…” With time measured in mathematics and numbers, I would be remiss if I didn’t discuss some aspects of the numerological significances in Olympic symbolism. I will leave you to draw your own conclusion as to some of the possible meanings. The occurrences are “out there”, never the less.

 The Games begin on 27/7/2012, with the opening ceremony commencing at 8:12pm (20:12). As mentioned before, we have a 23 tonnes bell. The budget for the opening ceremony is £27 million. The announcement of London as host of The Games in 2005 (7 years to go…) was the day before 7/7. There will be 900 local pupils taking part in the opening Olympic ceremony. 27th of July (2+7) = 9. Volunteers up to the age of (specifically) 90 were to be considered. The overall budget for the ceremonies was claimed to be £81 million (8+1=9). The bell ringing composition - Work No 1197 is 1+1+9+7=18… 1+8=9… and some say 18 = 666 (hidden). Now I am far from an expert in such matters, but I believe there is some significance to these reoccurrences.

 We should also consider that these will be the 30th Olympic Games (XXX – 3 kisses, porn connotations, take your pick!) and the third Games held in London (a masonic trinity of games perhaps?). Several researchers have noted that the first two of these took place in close proximity to the first and second Worlds Wars, with the assumption being that the third will be no difference. Personally I believe that this kind of speculation is reckless and pointless. It is just another kind of fear mongering. I understand the reasoning behind this, but we really should wait (and hope) for a positive outcome – rather than spreading ideas of doom and destruction.

In the next part I will look at the imminent ceremonies of The London Games, before I address my own theories on what may occur.
To be continued…

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