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London 2012 - Part 1: "The Culture of Fear"

 Is it a coincidence that within 24 hours of the announcement that London would host the 2012 Olympic Games, a huge false flag terrorist event occurs in the UK capital? Is it also a coincidence when a major terrorist drill takes place in the same location, at the same time as this false flag event? The UK Government, the mainstream media, and many other people in this country would have you believe just that – a mere coincidence. If the institutions of this country left it at that, then it might be conceivable.

 However, as with the 9/11 false flag event, those who control our everyday lives couldn’t leave it alone. Setting aside the implications for “the war on terror” and the excuses to further erode our rights and freedoms, there has been a much more opaque repercussion – to create a “climate of fear” amongst the people. This is actually not a new phenomenon. The idea of “fear as a tool of control” is probably as old as civilisation. In the last century the practice has served its purpose well, specifically on behalf of the social engineers and psychologists that have strived to shape the character of the nation. For all our moaning and scepticism, we British are renowned for tightening the “stiff upper lip” and hunkering down… especially when we are told it’s in our best interests! This fear factor has become a key component of national policy.

 When looking into the history of The Tavistock Institute (for example) we can see how much money, time and research was dedicated to studying the psychology of the nation. Much of this study seems to stem from the stories of conscientious soldiers during the two World Wars, who would often “aim to miss” when firing their guns at the enemy in battle. It became a question of discovering the best means to motivate a man to take and believe in “extreme measures”. Combined with the study of shell-shocked soldiers, the common motivational factor of fear became the driving force of all future psychological endeavours.

 In contemporary society, fear has become incredibly powerful. Give a nation a seemingly unstoppable bogeyman and (most) people will believe and do almost anything to stop it. The London Olympics has presented the power structures of the UK with a wonderful (albeit sick) opportunity – the suggestion of a terrorist attack on The Games. Think about it: if somebody was able to carry out an attack during London 2012, the damage and death toll would totally demoralise the nation. The threat of terrorism would be galvanised into crystal clarity. The demand for the government to protect the people would give them free reign to introduce any number of draconian laws, in the name of national security.

 Before the event, the mainstream media has blitzed us with a variety of stories about terror drills, security measures, etc., which reinforce the “reality” of a threat and heighten the climate of fear. If an attack takes place, the measures were then (and continue to be) justified. If it doesn’t, then the measures were obviously effective and therefore, again, justified… which is a win – win scenario for the ‘climate of fear’. This poses a problem. If there was evidence to suggest that an attack was a staged, false flag event, how would we convince others with this information? The months and months of heightened security measures will probably have already convinced many that the government anticipates an attempted attack. It would be inconceivable to many (as is often the case with 9/11 & 7/7) that somebody much closer to home played a helping hand or entirely orchestrated the attack.

 It creates a ‘Catch 22’ situation for those trying to expose these hidden scenarios and offers plausible deniability for those responsible. This phenomenon often comes under the banner of “predictive programming” – where a program of social engineering (via the government message, the media, popular culture, etc.) creates the impression in the national mind-set that a situation is inevitable. It doesn’t necessarily mean that the situation will come to pass, just as long as the masses believe that it will and are effectively ‘programmed’ to factor it into their everyday thinking.

 I suspect that most people in the UK have now falsely accepted the notion that an attack on The London Olympics is at the very least possible or in many cases probable. This reasoning can be directly via the ‘fear’ created by the current media blitz. In order to understand this mentality, you need to look at some of the coverage surrounding the “security for the games.”

 For starters, we had the aircraft carrier HMS Ocean (WHY?!) moored in the River Thames, alongside various other smaller military craft. Amongst the arsenal of weapons on display is the American-made Long Range Acoustic Device (LRAD) – a sonic weapon which the MOD claim will primarily be used to transmit verbal warnings over long distances. The weapon is much more than that though. Despite the (official) capability of producing deafening sound levels of 150 decibels at one metre, it is also very similar in nature to the sound weapons deployed in Iraq. There is shocking evidence available on the internet as to how dangerous this technology can be. In January this year, terrorist drills were carried out by police and military personnel on the River Thames: “Around 100 marines and 50 officers rehearsed a string of high-speed drills amid fears attackers could use the waterways to launch onslaughts on London landmarks. About 50 marine police officers in rigid inflatables and fast response boats were joined by up to 100 military personnel and a Lynx Navy helicopter for the familiarisation exercises.” (The Telegraph Online)

 In December 2011, the British government announced that 13,500 members of the armed forces would be “deployed to secure the Olympics”, with 10,000 police to oversee the implementation of the security measures. On Wednesday 22 February 2012, The Belfast Telegraph reported that these assets had been deployed in a mocked-up terror attack on the London Underground – again to test security for the 2012 Games.  “Some 2,500 people - spanning everyone from police constables to Cobra, the top level Government committee which sits during national emergencies and crisis, are being put through their paces by the two-day test. The disused Aldwych station, a stone's throw from central London's Royal Courts of Justice, will be the scene of the live test, with much of the action taking place behind closed doors.” When the BBC Online covered this story, they used the interesting phrase 'Build Confidence'…

 MI5 have also got in on the act by claiming that they have mobilised almost all of their 3,800 staff, with all leave for security agents during the Games cancelled or heavily restricted. In a BBC news article by Gordon Corera (security correspondent) entitled “MI5 fighting 'astonishing' level of cyber-attacks”, MI5 chief Jonathan Evans is quoted: "Mr Evans also warned the London 2012 Olympics was an "attractive target" for terrorist groups, but said security preparations were well under way. MI5 is battling "astonishing" levels of cyber-attacks on UK industry, the intelligence agency's chief has said. For this reason the Games would not be an easy target even though there was no doubt some terrorist networks had considered carrying out an attack, he said."

 We have also had the deployment of surface-to-air missile batteries at numerous sites across London, many of these locations are atop civilian apartment blocks and houses. This has prompted news stories of tenants who fear for their safety (and in some cases moved out) as a result of these placements. The Eurofighter jet has been drafted in to “police the skies of the capital.” In May of this year, RAF Typhoon jets arrive in London to “test Olympic security.” According to Air Commodore Gary Waterfall talking to the BBC's Jonathan Beale they are ''ready to respond to any threats.” The article also states “it is the first time fighter jets have been stationed at the west London site since WWII.”

 In March 2012, The Evening Express discussed armed Police drills at Aberdeen (Dyce) Airport and that flying club members are very willing to help the fight against terrorism: “A string of private airfields across Grampian will be put through their paces as part of a national initiative to protect UK airspace against terror attacks – particularly during the summer games in London.”

 There have been numerous articles in the press that have increased the psychological tension. The Mail Online has had headlines such as “'Shoe-bomb' terrorist to be released from jail on opening day of the Olympic Games” and “The Olympic meltdown: Experts warn internet could be overloaded as huge amounts of people log on during Games'” Notice the use of the word “Meltdown”… conjures all kinds of images doesn’t it?! There was also the story, on the 27th of July 2009 - exactly 3 years before the start of The Games, of a near miss (in the skies) over the London Olympic site. “A passenger jet came within seconds of colliding with a business jet directly over the Olympic site.” This is one of several similar near misses and it is claimed that the airspace over the Olympic site is already considered a “black spot” for aircraft taking off and landing in London!

 This bizarre piece of “fear porn” was featured on the Mail Online website in late March 2010, entitled: “Olympic Armageddon - How terrorists could send nuclear bomb up the Thames to target London 2012 Games” by Tom Cain. It begins thus: “This week, Security Minister Lord West warned there was a real danger that Al Qaeda terrorists could use a boat to transport a 'dirty' nuclear bomb up the Thames and detonate it in the heart of London. Here, top thriller writer Tom Cain, whose most recent novel is about a terrifying Al Qaeda attack on London, imagines the unthinkable...”

 The levels of tension being created in the media are staggering. One of the most unsettling items is the infamous television “program”: Spooks – Code 9. This 6 part spy drama series first aired in August 2008. The series is set in 2012 with London evacuated in the wake of a nuclear attack during the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games.

 It is worth noting that the production company that made the series (Kudos) was sold at the end of 2006, to Elisabeth (daughter of Rupert) Murdoch's Shine Group, which in turn was later sold to News Corp.

 What has probably fuelled some of the speculation in the alternative community is the Rockefeller Foundation document: "Scenarios for the future of Technology and International Development.” In much the same way that the PNAC documented seemed to ‘predict’ 9/11 and the subsequent “war on terror”, some researchers feel that “Scenarios…” is a predictive goldmine.  "The years 2010 to 2020 were dubbed "the doom decade" for good reason: the 2012 Olympic bombing, which killed 13,000…”

 In the last couple of weeks the situation has risen to new heights of speculation, due largely to an interview with "undercover investigative journalist" Ben Fellows. He allegedly used the alias “Lee Hazeldean / Hazledean” in order to “protect” his real identity. He claimed this was because he had decided to apply for a position working as a security officer at the Olympic Stadium. The claims he has made have coincided with the UK Government, LOCOG and G4S (this is the former “Group 4” company, assigned to provide the stadium security) re-assessing the levels of manpower available for The Games and has resulted in security being augmented by Police and Military personnel. However, Fellows claims about the shortcomings in the security measures extend far beyond the superficial issues addressed by the authorities.Here are some highlights from his recent interview on BCfm Drivetime.

 Regarding G4S - "They're quite fanatical, I have to say, in their views... As far as everyone is concerned... members of the public are basically scum of the earth, as far as they're concerned. The Police have no power over them and we get told this on a regular basis... 'Don't worry about the Police, they can't do anything.'”

 As for training, “it's been a joke, quite honestly. We've had three days of Powerpoint presentations and one day, working with the pedestrian screening area - which is where everyone will go through... they'll then go through an airport style pedestrian screening area - and someone like me will basically check that they'll not have any metal items... the x-ray operators... and in theory that would work perfectly. Except that people are not being trained properly to use the equipment. The x-ray operators, and I know 'cause I'm one of 'em, only had two days worth of training and then expected to basically find everything....”

 Fellows claimed that some trainees could barely speak English, fill in the basic application form, had criminal records, kept falling asleep and openly dealt drugs during training sessions. He also alleged that experienced police officers (retired but wanted to be involved in some way) were being passed over for supervisory positions, in favour of the inexperienced and the previously unemployed.
 Reliability of equipment - “the metal detectors are only gonna work one in every 50 times... and at peak time, we were told just the other day, they will be turned off completely. So therefore, if you're a terrorist, all you need to do is queue up, go through the lines of people and the chances are that as long as you've got whatever it is on you, like ammunition or something, you'll walk straight through the metal detector... In fact, I was asked to be a would-be terrorist on the final training day and I was given a knife, a gun, an IED, and all 3 occasions throughout the day, I got through the metal detector and I also got through the x-ray scanners."

 He claims that he contacted Andy Davies (the home affairs editor at Channel 4 news) and raised these concerns with him. Fellows claims that Davies "wasn't interested" and that "there was a media blackout on this kind of story... that nobody would be interested in running it."

 In the interview he claims he was told that airborne 'predator drones' would be deployed in the skies of London during the Olympics. He also said that a substantial amount of their training was dedicated to "evacuating London" and the use of thousands of "casket linings" that each hold 4-5 dead bodies. A trainer also told them not to worry about how well security was handled during the Olympic Games and that “afterwards” would be when they had the chance to “shine.”

 It is interesting to note that the initial interview on BCfm was conducted by Tony Gosling. The subsequent raised awareness of these "claims" has been largely thanks to Alex Jones and his associated websites. Anybody who has even a vague understanding of the complex politics of the alternative community will probably know where I'm coming from when I raise this point...

 Of course, this whole account may be exactly what those who control the game want us to believe. Nobody can be certain if this scenario will play out during The Games. I suspect that if it did, it may seem a little ‘too obvious’. We can only hope however that such an event doesn’t take place. This is the power of fear though. It can make people irrational, uncertain, worried… actually it can make you believe almost anything could happen. If you want to understand how powerful this tool is to the establishment and see some examples of how it has been done in the past, I recommend you Google Adam Curtis’ revealing documentary series “The Power of Nightmares” and “Century of the Self” – the latter of which (to a lesser degree) also reveals how easily people can be manipulated.

 This particular aspect of the London 2012 research is only the beginning though. The forthcoming Games (and all the hype) are awash with symbolism, ritual and darker issues. I will begin to look at some of these aspects in part two.

To be continued…

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*UPDATE* - Thursday 19th July
I have been incredibly busy the last few days and scarcely had time to keep up with the continuing developments with regard to this subject. Many thanks to Christopher Dos Santos for alerting me to Richard D Hall’s update / thoughts on the 2012 Olympics. I’m usually well up on his shows, but like I say – very busy! Here is the link:

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captron52 said...

great wok Carl!Thank you said...

Namaste brother, I like the post and agree with your fear porn concept, however, I do not think the Olympics will invite terror to London.

The focus of fear in our world is a very important concept to grasp. We are, and always have been, completely dominated by fear. Think of the little monkey mind and how easily it is for us to conjure up images of fear. Our brains are programmed to be hard wired to all aspects of fear. Education, msm, activism, competition, corporate greed, there is nowhere for us to turn for respite.

Relief from the paradigm of fear must be individually devised on the back end of much hard work observing ones mind in action. When we have finally had enough, we are forced to seek peace from within. In this regard, it is the constant and relentless pressure of fear which forces us to discover our true center. Freedom is gained only when we discover we have been held captive.

In Lak'ech, brother Carl, from the ashes a Phoenix is meant to rise...

The Truth Seeker's Guide said...

Thanks again Cap.
Have a good one my friend.
Carl (The 'Guide)

The Truth Seeker's Guide said...

Many thanks Christopher.
Yeah... Freedom through struggle.
It seems to be the only way to truly get there. It's not a concept that I jump for joy over, but no one ever said these things were easy!
Regarding terror in London, I agree that it probably won't happen, but I try never to say never - especially given the warped minds of TPTB.
I do believe something will happen, but nothing remotely like this scenario. It's a bit of a mad proposition, but I won't spoil the surprise for you!
I will address it toward the end of these London 2012 blogs.
All the best my friend.
Carl (The 'Guide) said...

I already anticipate your next installment. I can see the elite using the Olympics as a distraction whilst they conduct some unusually underhanded government scheme.

Possibly MI5 will undertake a flase flag event like 7 7. It would be the perfect time to release a super virus just as the Olympics end or bomb a London landmark site. In any rate there will be no foreign terrorism. Whatever manifests, if anything, will be constructed by the British empire to aid moving the U.K. closer to martial law and more importantly closer to war with Iran.

In Lak'ech, brother Carl, peace in chaos...

Unknown said...

Hello Carl,

look like you did a nice post here. It seems that people reading and commenting don't grasp what the Olympics represent. They are certainly NOT for a ditraction so the Government(s0 can do nasty thing to us as they always do. No the Olympics are the telling of what is really happening in this 3D Illusion. These following statments are not to debate or argue point of views or interpatation of the mean. It does mater what you or any of us think it means. Only the fact that this is happening. Here is a little of the symbolism concerning these XXX Olympics!

Two days ago, July 18, 2012, 4 top defense officials in the Syrian government were assassinated by a bomb planted in the National Defense Building, including the brother in law of President Assad. (Possibly a suicide bomber). The events in Syria relate to the SIRIUS DOG of Orion, his hunting dog. Syria is named after Sirius.

Here’s an abbreviated story of Osiris, husband of Isis (moon goddess) and father of Horus, or Ra (the story varies).

Osiris was killed by his brother Set.

He was tricked into a coffin.
The coffin floated down the Nile River and ended up in Byblos Syria, on the Mediterranean coast.
Isis looked for Osiris with the help of the jackal headed god (the Sphinx original form).
Isis found the coffin under the control of the king and queen of Syria.

Isis found vary with the king and queen and was granted a boon / favor.

Isis asked for the coffin which was formed by a tree that had grown up around the coffin of Osiris. The word DJED = DYED = DIED = DEATH. The Pillar of Death, which is a symbol of stability in ancient beliefs.
Isis extracted the coffin once under her control, and anointed it with MYRRH = MARY = MAR – the SEA.

Isis also wrapped the coffin in LINEN = LIENN = LION.

This became known as the Pillar of Djed.

The word DJED = DYED = DIED = DEATH. The Pillar of Death, which is a symbol of stability in ancient beliefs.

To sum up this little story, the events of LIBYA / LABIA and SYRIA / SIRIUS, and the SPRING RISINGS throughout the world, not to mention the FUKUSHIMA (Fuck You / Khufu event, the pyramids of Orion’s belt) all relate to the FINANCIAL / FIANCEE making herself ready for the Marriage with the Lamb of God, who is the Rock of Salvation, the ROCK of the SUN / SON, the ROCK of the 11 Western States. The Fiancee, Mother Mary, the Mar, Sea, Holy See, will become One with the Sun / Son as the events of the hunting dog SYRIA / SIRIUS, the hunting dog of ORION / OSIRIS / OR-ISIS, transpire.

The XXX Sexual Olympiad in London is the Bride exchanging the RINGS with the Groom. (A B and G term). The RINGS being the Olympic Rings. The Fire and Passion of the wedding event, is symbolized by the Olympic Torch, the Eternal Flame, or the Eternal Life of the Financial Dollar, which is the Ankh of the Bank-h’s.

The Wedding / Wetting is in motion, and the Bride has made herself ready. Symbolized by the flood in Krymsk Russia a few days ago. The ceremony of exchanging VOWS will ultimately lead to the passion of sexual desire and the CLMAX and CONSUMMATION of ALL THINGS. The timing and day of which makes no difference. Only be certain that it will transpire, and is now fully in motion.