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London 2012 - Part 6: “And Finally... Some Mind Games!”

 In the last two parts of this blog series, I have suggested the ritualistic nature of The Olympic ceremonies. We have seen this many times in the past, however it was always inevitable that new levels of significance would be reached following the announcement that London would play host – London being one of (if not THE) root of the hidden global agenda power structures. The evidence that London 2012 would play such a role was pretty much shown to be case during the closing ceremony of the Beijing 2008 Olympics.

 Much has been discussed in the alternative community regarding this presentation, which welcomes the world to London 2012 in a particularly damning fashion. The clear lines to 7/7 and false flag terrorism in this “show” have been taken literally by some. “Here is a microcosmic and metaphorical version of what’s to come. You have the dark ritual energised by the trauma of death and terror.” It is clear that the inclusion of a London Red Bus, that literally mangles open, is a recreation of events in Tavistock Square on 7/7. The bus in the opening animation even includes a “can key” – on the front top-right hand corner, for opening up the bus! However, I believe this has possibly been taken too literally as a prediction of more false flag terror in The 2012 Games. There are numerous examples of occult practices where the actual traumatic act has been replaced just as “effectively” (if you subscribe to such things) by a “trigger” or a relative emotional resonance.

 This practice is eerily similar to the vast subject of trauma-based mind control. It is a controversial subject that many people have a hard time accepting as being real, yet the evidence of its existence is also very real. This is where my line of research has taken me lately in relation to London 2012 and began with some small noticeable realisations in the Beijing footage.

 The inclusion of David Beckham (‘23’ Hackney) and Leona Lewis (“Somewhere Over The Rainbow” – OZ/MK) is one small example. Several researchers have claimed that there is a possible association between these two individuals and the various mind control machinations; that have intersected both the music and entertainment “industry” ever since the inception of the MK projects several decades back. Leona Lewis was also joined by Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page – a man with questionable ties to the subject. Page has been a passionate admirer of occultist Aleister Crowley for many years.  It is rumoured that he owns a huge library of occult literature and he has all but admitted that the music of Led Zeppelin (including the song performed by Lewis and Page in the Beijing ritual: “Whole Lotta Love”) is occult and ritualistic in nature.

 This connects to several interesting ritualistic / mind control related stories. One famous example is the bizarre death of Jeff Buckley, son of Laurel Canyon frequenter Tim Buckley. The Laurel Canyon aspect is perhaps crucial giving the association between the area and the musicians of the time (60s onward), the military industrial complex, Lookout Mountain Studios, mind control, occult ritual, Charles Manson, all the deaths, the list goes on. It is a subject I will be looking at in due course, but if you want to research more, I recommend Dave McGowan’s excellent blog series “Inside the LC”. Be warned though, it is not for those prone to denial or of faint heart!

 Getting back on topic, Jeff Buckley mysteriously drowned in 1997. His body was found floating in the Wolf River harbour (Memphis), home of a very innocuous (sic) pyramid shaped building. It is claimed that he walked (fully dressed) into the water, whilst chanting the words to a specific Zeppelin song: “Whole Lotta Love”…

 Jimmy Page also owned Crowley’s old home (Boleskine House on the shores of Loch Ness) for about 20 years. He once stated that Crowley was "a misunderstood genius of the 20th Century"... This about a man who once said of himself: “I rave and I rape and I rip and I rend”, and has been considered by many to be the “Wickedest Man in the World”. It is alleged that (possibly during Crowley’s ownership) horrific child sacrifices, in relation to satanic ritual, have taken place during the darker history of Boleskine House.

 There is a noticeable “child ritual” aspect to the Beijing closing ceremony. A young girl disembarks the London Bus and walks over a zebra crossing (as in 7/7, but also a freemasonic checker motif), surrounding by onlookers wearing several items of clothing with black and white checker patterns. She is given a symbolic black and white checked football and proceeds to walk on the backs of the surrounding people (now lying on the ground) back to the bus, which then splits asunder (surrounded by a crowd of trance ridden people), revealing Lewis, then Page, etc.

 I know this may sound a stretch, but I should also mention the episode of Doctor Who (“Fear Her”) which told the story of children mysteriously vanishing on a housing estate in London just before the commencement of the 2012 Games. After The Doctor had solved the puzzle, he took the Olympic torch and lit the ritual cauldron to begin The Games. As I understand it, the episodes storyline was conceived not long after London was announced as host for 2012. Hundreds of school children between the ages of 7-9 and 11-13 have been recruited for the London Olympic ceremonies and Danny Boyle has openly stated that the ceremony will 'make an indelible mark' on the children involved. So you see where I going with this…

 The sacrificial aspects are nothing new to The Olympics. One apparent example occurred in the 2000 Sydney Olympics when Australian sportswoman Cathy Freeman was symbolised as the “little poor girl who made good”. I’m not down playing her life, skills, or the tireless work she did to highlight the issues of Australian Aborigines, rather the way in which she was ritualistically used in the ceremony – walking on water, then being consumed in a cauldron of fire. I have also noted the hoopla, in the US, surrounding Lori (Lolo) Jones who will be participating in London 2012. The media obsession with her seems to be not because she is a fine athlete (no doubt she is), but seemingly because she is a 29 year old virgin! There have been some unusual discussions in the alternative community about her significance, her name (similar to Leeloo from “The Fifth Element” – who was also a virgin) and such.

 Returning to the Beijing ceremony for a moment, there also appears to be a “butterfly” motif running throughout. The girl that passes the symbolic football (to the “ritual” child) wears a butterfly patterned dress. One or two of the female onlookers have butterflies on their dresses also. I mention this because it has been addressed by several well-known mind control victims (Cathy O’Brien and Brice Taylor) as an association with, often a “trigger” for, government / military sponsored mind control programs. Whatever your point of view on these specific accounts, the theme is often prevalent in contemporary female celebrities - often called “Monarch Butterflies” (for the “Monarch” programming).  For example, Hollywood actress Megan Fox has a discernible tattoo on her back which says, “We will all laugh at gilded butterflies”. Although it is obviously a quote from King Lear, I believe it signifies much more.

 On the subject of these alleged “triggers”, have you notice the abundance of another motif – the “rainbow”. The most recognizable example is the means of transportation for London mascots, Wenlock and Mandeville, who “ride” on “rainbows”. The association here is “over the rainbow” - as in the “Wizard of Oz”, which has allegedly been used as part of the various mind control conditioning programmes. Another of these mediums – Alice in Wonderland (“down the rabbit hole” / “through the looking glass”) will apparently feature in the London 2012 ceremonies. Remember also what I mentioned in the previous part regarding the giant beds (the tiny Alice surrounded by giant furniture) and “dream states”…

 Given the vast information available, there is one definite conclusion we CAN draw about London 2012: It will be a ritualistic event. There is no doubting that. The true nature of this ritual is a little more uncertain. In likelihood it won’t be for the benefit of the masses, given what we know of the associated beliefs and symbolic preoccupations of the ruling elite. The ritual is for their believed “empowerment” and benefit.

 With all the symbolic similarities to aspect of psychological manipulation and control of the masses, I am now wondering if the proceedings may be a large scale psychological “mind control” operation that will run concurrent with or be intrinsic to the ritual. When I look at the 13 umbrellas spinnng hypnotic spiral patterns in the last moments of the Beijing presentation, I'm convinced of this. The purpose of this procedure is anybody’s guess though.

 I do know that TV now plays a massive role in psychological and social engineering aspects – with almost everything from soaps to comedy (even the last bastion of truth - science fiction) playing a part. The effect is measureable in the mindscape of the population at large. I make no exaggeration when I say that it is a very effective form of “mind control”. The term may seem extreme, but that is ultimately what it is. The problem is that whilst it is relentlessly on-going, it is fractured and intermittent in its reach as well as subject to the whims of the masses. The last truly effective large scale, TV induced “mind-scaping” was probably Live Aid - although most people will probably assume I’m mad for making such a claim!

 To proceed with such a large scale operation you need a mass viewing audience, which I suspect these Games will get. We should also consider the technological advancements in TV today: Hi-def, 3D, etc. These make the viewing experience more immersive and realistic, therefore much more all-consuming of the state of mind an individual switches into when staring at the screen. Objectivity is often lost and the “spectacle” takes over, placing the viewer in a very vulnerable and suggestive place.

 The hidden technology of mind control has also come on in leaps and bounds. We in the alternative community often discuss microwave and sonic weapons (the sound system for “The Games” is very complex!) that have a destabilising effect on the human mind and body. We’ve also seen occasions where news presenters have just lost the plot live on air and appear very distressed, blurting utter gibberish. Remember also, the Olympic logo video that triggered numerous epileptic seizures. Reminds me of those Japanese Pokemon episodes that did the same! We should seriously take all of these factors into consideration.

So there you go. That’s my take on it all. We can’t truly say for sure until things kick off tomorrow. Even then, we may have a while to wait, with the additional possibility that (other than the “ritual”) nothing will happen… however one can never say “never”!

 One last little thing to address is the chance that all this has been engineered to affect us – the alterative community. Several researchers have pondered whether the symbolism and clues have been created and directed at those who are looking for them. Maybe they feel they don’t need to affect the masses anymore, given how effective their methods have been on the sleeping majority. Maybe the concentrated focus has now shifted onto those of us who are awakening and asking questions. As Zbigniew Brzezinski has effectively said for many years - we are the true threat to their intentions.

 It is a frightening prospect to consider that the illusory curtain has been pulled on the alternative community: that we may have played right into their hands and that what we consider a glimpse of awakening is nothing more than that which is carefully orchestrated as a "trick of the mind". We know that several areas of truth have been co-opted and managed by agents of the agenda players, which makes it even more possible.

 But what options do we have? Pack up our truth bag and leave it all behind? Put simply, we cannot take the risk that there is no truth to the beliefs of the alternative community. If there is only a miniscule chance that all is as we are awakening to believe, then we must stand our ground. I actually believe that there is too much evidence to state that the wool has been completely pulled over our eyes, as opposed to the uninterested masses.

The fact is that if ANYTHING untoward occurs (whatever it may be) we WILL know… because, for better or worse, we’re always watching them watching us.

Until next time.
The Truth Seeker’s Guide.

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7 comments: said...

Namaste brother Carl, very interesting post. I am not very well versed in all the symbolism. I imagined myself watching the opening and closing ceremonies and being completely oblivious to their perverted references and machinations.

The question which begs to be answered is that, if dolts like me miss the entire subliminal plot, then, what effect does it have. A good example was the super bowl half time show with Madonna. I saw it on the internet and missed all the symbolism that was later referenced.

I am not suggesting they don't raise the voodoo bar for big events, obviously they do. However, I believe it is the actual owning and using of TV that is the real dildo in the collective ass of humanity. A few years have passed since I have watched television, I don't miss it and I do notice a great difference. Your point about the new TV's is very apt. I was in a store a few months ago and saw my first HD TV, WOW! I though to myself, that little prick is hypnotising me.

I have enjoyed your is part series Carl. Thank you for taking the time to open these old blind eyes a little more.

In Lak'ech, peace, unity and love... I am that which I see...

The Truth Seeker's Guide said...

Many thanks Chris.
You're welcome.
I still own a TV (shame on me), but I rarely ever watch it these days... usually just to keep on an occasional eye on their machinations.
Like you I actually don't miss it at all.
All the best my friend and thanks again for all your support.
Carl (The 'Guide)

mister89 said...

Thanks for blogging. Are you familiar with the illuminati card game? What do you think of this card ''combined disasters'' that shows the big ben and five people wearing the olympic colours?
It's creepy. Isn't it? What the dates 3-8-2012 and 11-8-2012 have in common? number 11.

The Truth Seeker's Guide said...

Many thanks for dropping by.
I am aware of it. Certainly very strange!
In trying to condense the information down for this blog series, I seem to have missed that one for some reason!
Thanks for reminding us about.
All the best.
Carl (The 'Guide)

Simon Baush said...

First of all thanks for putting together so many pieces of the puzzle. In my opinion, the closing ceremony will present 'Maitreya' to the world in perhaps the biggest occult ritual ever made. Scary stuff!

In response to mister89's comment, the tower on the card is not the Big Ben, but a similar tower in Japan. I wish I could remember the name..

Simon Baush said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
The Truth Seeker's Guide said...

Many thanks for your support.
If my memory serves me right, I think the clock in the card is said to be the Wako Clock tower at Ginza in Tokyo. But I can understand how folk would assume it was Big Ben.
Cheers for dropping in.
All the best,
Carl (The 'Guide)