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London 2012 - Part 3: “Close Encounters of the Olympic Kind”

Before I start I just want to reiterate my stance, whilst addressing the information I’m presenting on the London 2012 Olympics subject. The information gathered (in all parts of this blog series) is mostly the collective findings of others and doesn’t necessarily reflect my own position. Where possible, I will interject my own thoughts and stance, but please don’t assume that I’m encouraging a specific viewpoint – especially that of false-flag (or any other kind of) terrorism at The Games! The point is to present an overview of the varying information and beliefs out there. It is vital that we all keep a balanced perspective and draw our conclusions in our own ways. As I have stated in the first two parts of this series, I will address my own theories in the final section of these blogs. Remember that we will all know soon enough if anything is to occur! The story (and speculation!) is rapidly changing - this means that information can become outdated pretty much as soon as it’s posted. This is especially difficult for me as I am often very busy in my non-truth / music related work (more so, lately!), so I don’t get the chance to post, drop in on other people’s work or keep up to date with information, anywhere near as much as I’d like to. With this in mind, I just want to take the opportunity to say many thanks, as always, for your continued readership and the support and encouragement I receive from you all. I truly appreciate it.

 In part two, I addressed the subject of illusion in relation to the Olympic Games. The two seem to go hand in hand, as witnessed on several occasions. The opening and closing ceremonies of The Games seem to be a showcase of ritual, symbolism and trickery, which is often interpreted by the viewer as “magical”. One such notion (which falls into this arena) is the Olympic flirtation with the Extra-Terrestrial phenomenon.

The most well-known of these occurrences took place during the Los Angeles Olympic Games in 1984, where (as part of the ceremonies) a huge UFO descended over the stadium and deposited an alien creature who “saluted” all those involved in The Games. The scene was reminiscent of the movie “Close Encounters of the Third Kind”, with the craft using music to communicate back and forth with the Olympic stadium. Strangely, before the “alien” addressed the crowds, there was a laser battle in the air accompanied by some incidental music from “Star Wars”. If this was a one-off, then there probably wouldn’t be anything to speculate about. Yet with the continual and numerous references to Aliens and UFOs (in relation to The Olympics), you do have to ask why?

 This kind of connection has been quite apparent during the run up to the London Games. When “Lord” Coe unveiled one of the earliest promotional videos, which presented an animated construction of the stadium, many wondered what significances could be gleaned from the sight of numerous pod craft buzzing around the London skyline, what look symbolically like giant steel Alien robots lumbering through the streets, and a huge mother ship – all of which form parts of the stadium. After the stadium is filled with people, the entire structure breaks apart and is sucked into a spiral vortex. It is very similar to certain alien invasion movies, such as “Skyline” - which I will address again shortly.

 We have also had the “loveable” mascots: Wenlock and Mandeville. This pair of one-eyed oddities, look like they belong up a child’s nose! The child angle is appropriate given the intended target audience for the mascots. When unveiled, countless school children were asked about them and the response was fairly unanimous: “they’re aliens!” The official blurb said that they were formed from droplets of steel during the stadium construction.

 Interestingly, there has been a well-known video circulating the web lately. The animated short: “Olympic Aliens – Man Vs. Alien”, was allegedly made by a bunch of school children and features ETs firing arrows toward the Earth from a nearby planet. The intended target is the Olympic stadium.

 In 2010, Eddie Izzard presented the “Games Maker volunteering” advert with the opening lines: “Ladies and gentlemen of the world… and other worlds who may be listening… The greatest show on Earth!” Recent ads associating BT Infinity and The Games showed shafts of blue light coming from the sky and energising the participating athletes. The scene illuminates the London skyline and is eerily reminiscent of the scenes from “Skyline” – where descending plumes of blue energy herald an alien attack upon humanity.

 Speaking of the sci-fi movie / Olympic angle, it cannot have escaped anyone’s attention how often they have crossed paths. The Olympic rings are visible in the background of a scene in the 1996 movie “Independence Day”. The motif appears as a boy watches the ET arrival on TV. The film also has some interesting 9/11 clues and foreshadowing. Another movie with a connection is M Night Shyamalan’s alien invasion flick: “Signs”. The morning after Mel Gibson and Joaquim Phoenix’s characters witness a creature on their roof in the dead of night, a police woman asks them who they might have seen. They discuss how fast it moved, which quickly dovetails into a conversation about the agility of Olympic athletes.

 One of the most notable associations is integral to the plot of Carl Sagan’s “Contact”. The film of 1997 follows an almost identical narrative route as Sagan’s original novel from 1985. The plot revolves around an ET message intercepted from space. The initial message (of repeated prime numbers) is embedded with a retransmission of “Earth's first television signal broadcast powerful enough to escape the ionosphere and be received in interstellar space; in this case, Adolf Hitler's opening speech at the 1936 Summer Olympics in Berlin.” (Wikipedia) The Berlin Games boasted a closed-circuit television system and radio network that reached 41 countries, with many other forms of expensive high-tech electronic equipment. This event began the ever more elaborate means to which The Games would be utilised as a MSM illusory psyop.

 There is a noteworthy line in the film, spoken by enigmatic aerospace tycoon S.R. Hadden (played by John Hurt): “The powers that be have been quite busy lately, falling over each other to position themselves for the game of the century, if not the millennium.” This quote functions on multiple levels…

 There are also connections in certain areas of music. The London based band: "The Winter Olympics", released a song entitled: "They Launched a Probe" with an interesting accompanying video. It begins with the London skyline (London attractions, buildings and monuments silhouetted in the background) followed by hundreds of Alien ships descending upon London. There is also a craft in orbit which fires a beam directly at London.

 Returning to the publicity machine for a moment, I was curious about a similar connection that was touted by UK’s Sun newspaper, some time ago. A manmade crop circle was commissioned by the newspaper before London won the bid to host the Olympic Games, “the official story as to their reason for doing so was to help in London’s bid for the Olympic Games.” The headlines included: “Aliens Back Our Bid” and ”London Bid Is Out Of This World”. The circle was created by John Lundberg’s outfit “Circlemakers” and became part of a slew of similar style formations.

 The true nature of Crop Circles is a subject for another blog entirely, however Richard D Hall’s film “Crop Circles – The Hidden Truth” revealed some important issues relating to manmade formation and (particularly) John Lundberg. In the film he addresses the “Project Blackbird” debacle of 1990 – where UK government agencies and the military became involved in investigating / debunking / discrediting (take your pick!) the phenomenon. RDH raises compelling circumstantial evidence about the background of Lundberg. He noted that in the past, the website carried a recruiting banner for MI5. He also looked at the html source code for the site. The second keyword (after "crop circle makers") is MI5.

 Other keywords include security service, British security service, spy, intelligence, CIA, espionage and terrorism. One of Lundberg’s articles (dated 06/03/2004) says, "Well, it looks like veteran crop circle researcher Colin Andrews might be forced to go get a real job! He's posted an urgent appeal for funds on his website... If all else fails maybe Colin could join MI5's psyops department and retrain as a crop circle maker..." RDH questioned the nature of Circlemakers’ funding and discovered another item on the website: "You'd be surprised how expensive running a successful website can be, don't panic, we're not going to ask you for money... our retainer from sources we'd rather not disclose has kept our virtual head above water."

 It does raise the question of why The Sun has used crop circles (of all things) to promote The London Olympic Games, and also why they decided to recruit individuals who are (potentially) military intelligence assets…

 I also have reason to believe that this “alien” aspect may be incorporated into The London Games’ closing ceremony. Recently revealed images from the dress rehearsals show an unusual laser light show which is very reminiscent of those seen in Jeff Wayne’s stage version of his musical “War of the Worlds”. I must stress that this does NOT mean that I am suggesting it is part of an alien false-flag scenario… just that it has possibly been incorporated into the “entertainment”.

 It is odd how numerous stories have appeared in the MSM regarding readiness for the “inevitable alien arrival”. Here are a few examples:

And, obviously, this piece of farce from Nick Pope:

 In the earlier days of his research, Ian R Crane alluded to a possible false-flag alien attack scenario which could perhaps be unveiled at The London 2012 Games - although he has, more recently, expanded his views to encompass much more of the information available. Numerous others have subsequently suggested his  original instincts also. I am not attacking (to be clear) this line of research or their credibility when I say that I do feel it is unlikely (unless it was pulled off incredibly realistically) that such an event will occur. As with the false-flag terrorist scenario, it seems a little too obvious and (unlike a false-flag terrorist attack) I suspect that even the sleeping masses would struggle to swallow it. However the question does still remain: why the connection?

 It is possible that keeping the subject at the forefront of folk’s minds, accommodates the needs of the moment or an agenda further down the line. Some suggest that it is predictive programming, readied for when the “alien aspect” needs to be trotted out. Others believe that it is an acclimatisation program, preparing us for a managed (but far from complete) disclosure of the ET phenomenon. There is also the possibility that it is a carefully orchestrated disinformation programme. I will reserve my judgement here though.

Many thanks to Andrew Johnson, who recently posted some very timely observations by Richard D Hall.

“I could be wrong but see what you think.  The Daily Mail has put out a lot of news items now suggesting alien visitation and possible invasion.  However, I do not think these articles are intended for “Joe Public” and to manipulate the masses general frame of mind.  WHY?  Because these articles never appear in the actual printed Daily Mail, they usually only appear in the “Science” section of the on line Daily Mail.  My parents sometimes get the Daily Mail and whenever anything is printed related to aliens or 9/11, etc., they cut it out and give it to me.  None of these alien stories have been in the printed papers.  If this WAS a move to get the public to accept aliens, and accept a possible alien invasion they would have put them in their main newspaper.”

“People like you and me and people who mistrust the mainstream get a lot more information online.  I think the whole alien invasion information could be targeting the truth movement to try and get everyone in the truth movement on the “alien false flag” band wagon.  So when they carry out their al Qaeda / Iranian false flag attack, the majority of whistle-blowers can be discredited by telling the public that these people are nuts, they were saying a minute ago that aliens would invade the Olympics and now they are saying the government did it... There are certain people who have been pushing the alien theory more than others.
It is certainly worth considering this perspective.

 It is important to remain level headed, keep an open mind in these situations and try never to say “never”. There is a huge amount of credible research out there regarding holographic technology and certain aspects of projects such as “Bluebeam”, which cannot really be dismissed…. AND, we must also consider the DEW technology which was almost certainly utilised on 9/11. However, just because the means to perpetrate an “event” exists, it doesn’t necessarily mean it will be used at the London Olympic Games.

 We all know that if a terrorist attack or alien incursion doesn’t take place during the events, people will simply say that nothing happened or was ever going to happen. It could also have the effect of making much of the alternative community look like a right bunch of melons. However, “nothing obvious happening”, does NOT mean that nothing has happened, is happening or will happen… far from it. I will be addressing this misperception of London 2012 shortly.

 This part of the blog series completes (thank goodness!) my look at some of the speculative aspects of The 2012 Games… at least until I present my own wacky ideas in the concluding part. From here on, I will look at what has been apparent for a while – tons of strangeness ranging from architecture and symbolism, to numerology and ritual.

I will leave you with this wonderful observation from "So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish" by Douglas Adams:

“You mean they actually vote for the lizards?”
“Oh yes,” said Ford with a shrug, “of course.”
“But,” said Arthur, going for the big one again, “why?”
“Because if they didn’t vote for a lizard,” said Ford, “the wrong lizard might get in."

Until next time…

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